About Trentwood

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Welcome to Trentwood, your specialist in trailer and body construction!

Our expertise lies in the trailer market, where we are known for our passion for quality and our service. We also started supplying bamboo in 2018. Since 2024, we have offered bamboo under our new brand BamTeCo2, Trentwood sees it as a promising alternative to traditional wood and/or plywood.

At Trentwood, sustainability is paramount. We strive for responsible forest management by sourcing carefully selected timber and wood products from certified sources.

Our customer relationships are of paramount importance to us. We believe in partnerships where we work closely together to fully understand your specific needs.

With our problem-solving approach, we go beyond just supplying materials. Our team is well-trained to identify and address problems, and we are flexible in finding solutions that perfectly fit your needs.

Quality is a core value at Trentwood. We select only the best woods and work with reputable producers and suppliers. Our strict quality controls ensure that every piece of wood that leaves our warehouse meets the highest standards.

At Trentwood, we understand that you want to focus on your projects without having to worry about logistics and delivery. That’s why we offer a comprehensive de-cluttering service, where we arrange transport and deliver your order in a timely manner to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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