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Wood is sustainable!

Tropical wood grows in a natural environment: the particularly species-rich tropical forest. By harvesting wood responsibly (according to a standard for sustainable forest management), the tropical forest is preserved and people, plants and animals can simply live in and out of the forest.

The material wood is very environmentally conscious: production and use hardly cost the environment anything. Recently, research firm Beco (2013) confirmed this in an LCA study into the environmental costs of wooden, concrete, steel and composite bicycle bridges.

This can be explained to a large extent by the CO2 uptake during the growth of the tree. This CO2 remains in the wood until the waste phase and then the absorbed CO2 returns to the atmosphere. Wood is therefore a CO2 neutral material that, for good use, provides a temporary storage of CO2 for many years.

In addition to the wood products, waste from the production process is used for all kinds of applications, including energy generation. The amount of energy needed to ‘produce’ a cubic meter of wood is a fraction of the energy required for producing plastic, aluminum or steel. Finally, wood has excellent properties making it a great material to work with and it lasts a long time in its use.

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